The Team

The RJG Team

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Tony Do

Chief Executive Officer

Tony leads the RJG Team and teaches at our seminars.

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Chinh Do

Executive Vietnamese Instructor

Chinh controls the Vietnamese RJG content and teaches at our seminars.

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Michael Rasmussen

Executive English Instructor

Michael is in charge of planning events and teaching at seminars.

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Hans Gundertofte

Executive stock analyst

Hans is in charge of analyzing stock patterns and maintaining the stock lists.

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Dung Mai


Dung serves as the secretary for many of our seminars.

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Zsolt Laszlo

Lead designer

Zsolt is responsible for making the website and products look good.

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Charlotte Jensen

Creative director

Charlotte works with turning creative thoughts into works of art.

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Johny Kudo

Video director and editor

Johny takes our videos from all the way from planning through editing.

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Kristian Dyrmose

Lead developer

Kristian is in charge of developing and maintaining the website.