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The Investment funds are currently closed for new registrations.

At this time there are no upcoming Guarantee periods in our system.

At this time there are no upcoming Unlimited periods in our system.

RJG investment fund

RJG Investment Fund - BETA

What is the RJG Investment Fund?

By popular demand we are offering our customers to invest in our RJG investment funds. This means that we will invest for you with our brokerage account. It is a good option for those who wants to trade but do not have the time. To make use of this service you must be a member of RJG. We currently offer two different investment funds. One where we guarantee a 12% ROI/ year and another with infinite ROI/year.

*This service is in beta stages and only available for Chinh’s US students

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Guarantee Investment Fund

  • We guarantee that you get a 12% ROI/year
  • We will pay you if we don’t get 12% ROI/ year
  • You will have peace of mind if you choose this option
  • You need to invest at least 6 months before you can withdraw your money
  • If you withdraw at the 6-month mark, then you can only get a 6% ROI
  • You need to have a subscription at

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Unlimited Investment Fund

  • We invest for you & your winnings can be unlimited
  • Our company has maintained an average ROI of 18%/month for the last 6 months
  • We will split the profit with you 70:30. You get 70%, we get 30%
  • You need to invest for at least 3 months before you can withdraw your money
  • You need to have a subscription at
  • You can check the progress of your investment on our website
  • We won’t make guarantees for profits and you can lose some of your investment

What’s the deal?

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Your choice

You can choose one or both investment funds. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, but if you are afraid of losing we would recommend the Guarantee Investment Fund.

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Minimum amount

The minimum amount of money you can invest in one of the investment funds is 1,000 USD. $1000 gives you 1 share! You may buy as many shares as you want; there is not upper limit.

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Binding period

When you plant a seed, you need time for it to grow. We need 6 months to grow your investment. After 6 months you can withdraw any amount of money you want at any time without penalty.

How do i get started?

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Step 1

Click on “get started” and fill in the information.

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Step 2

Print the contract, sign it and send us a copy.

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Step 3

Transfer the money into our brokerage account.

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Step 4

Sit back and relax. Collect your paycheck in 6 months.


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Start and end

This is only a beta version for a select group of people, which is the reason that the service is only available for a specific period before we open it for everyone. The sign-up for the first period will end 14st of oct 2018 and the investments will begin the 5th of November and end 6th of May 2019 (or 5th of November 2019).

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You need to subscribe to RJG

You need to be a subscriber for us to invest for you for legal reasons. This will allow you to view your investments on our website. We do offer a special subscription to customers who enters this beta-testing. All you have to do is to email us at with the title: “Investment fund subscription”.

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There is a binding period of 6 months for the Guarantee Investment Fund, but you need to invest for 12 months to get 12 % ROI. For the Unlimited Investment Fund, it is 3 months. When the time period is over, the money will be transferred to your bank acc. If you urgently need your money back during your biding period, you won’t receive any gains and it may take up to 7-10 days.

Questions & answers

Investing more?

You can invest more at any time, but you must match the shares at that date and time. For example, if you make some additional investment 7 months into the period you have to pay $1070 per share instead for the initial $1000. This number can be much higher with the Unlimited Investment Fund.

Premature withdrawal

Depending on the losses RJG receive from selling the securities prematurely, RJG is allowed to deduct a 5% of each share bought by the investor.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Contact information

nameChinh Do
phone number(+1) 561 306 2341
Chinhs viber number561 413 7869 (Viber)

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Contact information

nameMai Dung
phone number(+1) 626 552 1129